Wednesday, March 7, 2007

First Post

When I joined both the "Old School Wargaming" (OSW) and "Society of Daisy" (SoD) Yahoo! groups, I found that there were other military miniature gamers who still found the writings and the game philosophies of Brigadier Peter Young (Charge! or How To Play War Games) and Charles Grant the Elder (The War Game) as attractive now as when they were first published over three decades ago. Also, there are gamers out there who are not hogtied to the idea of "strictly historical" campaigns and battles. These ideas allow for a great element of fun and creativity to remain in battle gaming.
Especially when one looks at the SoD concept, there opens a partly historical, partly imaginary world within which to fight one's campaigns. Which is where this blog comes in. There is a small, some might say warped, but very creative group of players who are building imaginary, but loosely historic-based 18th century European nation-states with which to create their military and political campaigns. Many of them still espouse the gaming style, unit scales and sizes, and sense of imagination that were first explored by Brig. Young in his book, mentioned above.
One of these imaginary nation-states is the Duchy of Lagerburg. As an ongoing story, the history of the Duchy and its on again, off again protagonist and sometimes ally, the Province of Slobbovia, will be posted here, as well as on the SoD group site. Also, the work of building an army, from acquiring the figures, to deciding unit names, uniform details, modifications to existing figures to create new and unique regiments, to incorporating the units and their battle histories into the evolving storyline, will be the goal of this blog. More to come soon!