Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Biography of Albrecht Mordicus

Biography of Albrecht Mordicus, Austrian naval officer, later Herzog of Lagerburg-Slobbovia;

-1710 Born Trieste, to maritime family
-1725 Joined Austrian navy as Mittschiffsman
-1731 Stood for and promoted to Leutnant zur See
-1737 Posted Kapitän-zur-See, assumed command of Nova, frigate (24)
-1737-39 Engaged in raids on shipping in the Adriatic
-1739 Nova transferred to Danube Flotilla
-1739-47 Commanded Nova plus 4 galleys
-1747 Assigned to command Imperial yacht
-1753 Titled 1st Duke of Lagerburg
-1755 Defeated, then annexed Principality of Slobbovia
-1757 Present day