Thursday, June 7, 2007


Good Day,
And now, by popular demand, a Pass-in-Review of the Lagerburg army. This new selection of photos reflects the assignment of Austrian-styled colours. The General Staff, led by the Duke and Duchess:

The Guards Brigade: Crown Royal Grenadiers and Lowenbrau Grenadiers:

The "German" brigade: the regiments of Heineken and von Busch:

The "Imperial" brigade: IR Borsodi and IR Edelweiss:

The "Irish" brigade: Col. Killian's Irish Red-coats, and Col. Guiness' Stout-hearts:

The Light Brigade: Garde Jager and the Jagermeister Jagers:

Col. Stroh's Sapper Rgt:

Major Pusser's Marine Battalion:

The cavalry- Three Brigades, plus the Mounted Police...

The Heavy Brigade: Carlsberg Kurassiers and the Grolsch Horse Grenadiers:

The Medium Brigade: Anheuser Dragoons and St. Pauli Dragoons:

The Light Brigade: Reitendes FeldJagerKorps (RFJK) and Schwartz Label Hussars:

The Slobbovian Legion, made up of horse, foot and rockets/guns-

The Infantry: the Bibermilch Grenadiers, Hurlbut Battalion and Grenzer Battalion:

The Cavalry: Smirnoff Bosniak lancers, and Topvar Hussar Regiment:

And finally, the Massed Batteries:

Monday, June 4, 2007

Lagerburg's Mounted Police given their Colours!


His Excellency Albrecht, Duke of Lagerburg has today in the capital of Felsenfall presented the Colours to the Duke's Reitende FeldJagerKorps Regiment. The ceremony was coincident with the graduation of the first class from the RFJK Academy in the capital city. The Duke personally presented each Trooper, NCO and Magistrate their commissions, then each was given his assignment and sent to his post. The presence of these highly trained enforcers and administrators of the law will ensure a safe and peaceful atmosphere in the towns, cities, and the countryside. They will also provide a more secure border, reducing the incursions of rading parties from across the eastern Grenz. The regiment should not be required to assemble again except for ceremonies, or if an emergency or war should arise. The attached artist's sketch is of the Regiment as they passed-in-review during the ceremony.