Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chapter 3- The Establishment of the Lagerburg Navy

After securing the borders by land, Albrecht drew upon his background and experience to ensure that shipping on the Pisswassere to the Danube, and from the port of Piran on the Adriatic would remain unmolested as well. The first step, of course, was to create an ongoing trading relationship with one or more neighboring powers.
Negotiating a lucrative trade agreement with a Hunglish trading company, he "sweetened the deal" by offering lease of valuable docking and warehouse spaces in Piran at very favorable discounted rates. This established a shipping terminus, which would be frequently used by trading vessels.
The Herzog’s purchasing agents in Hungland located and bought a down-at-the-heels small ship-sloop from a breaker’s yard. The vessel was drydocked and thoroughly overhauled.

Meanwhile, Lagerburgian "businessmen" contracted for a brace of lightly armed schooners, which were constructed in an Hamerican colonial shipyard.

All three vessels were sent off to the capital for Albrecht’s inspection and approval.
This fledgling fleet would allow the Herzog to protect cargo vessels putting to sea or traveling up the Pisswassere as far as Splitzfluss.

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