Thursday, June 7, 2007


Good Day,
And now, by popular demand, a Pass-in-Review of the Lagerburg army. This new selection of photos reflects the assignment of Austrian-styled colours. The General Staff, led by the Duke and Duchess:

The Guards Brigade: Crown Royal Grenadiers and Lowenbrau Grenadiers:

The "German" brigade: the regiments of Heineken and von Busch:

The "Imperial" brigade: IR Borsodi and IR Edelweiss:

The "Irish" brigade: Col. Killian's Irish Red-coats, and Col. Guiness' Stout-hearts:

The Light Brigade: Garde Jager and the Jagermeister Jagers:

Col. Stroh's Sapper Rgt:

Major Pusser's Marine Battalion:

The cavalry- Three Brigades, plus the Mounted Police...

The Heavy Brigade: Carlsberg Kurassiers and the Grolsch Horse Grenadiers:

The Medium Brigade: Anheuser Dragoons and St. Pauli Dragoons:

The Light Brigade: Reitendes FeldJagerKorps (RFJK) and Schwartz Label Hussars:

The Slobbovian Legion, made up of horse, foot and rockets/guns-

The Infantry: the Bibermilch Grenadiers, Hurlbut Battalion and Grenzer Battalion:

The Cavalry: Smirnoff Bosniak lancers, and Topvar Hussar Regiment:

And finally, the Massed Batteries:


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow! Very impressive indeed.

I will certainly advise Furst Bruno von Ursa that he should not antagonize your Duchy. Your army is quite intimidating.

I like it!

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

Snickering Corpses said...

Echoing Jeff here, as that is indeed an impressive array of troops. I think one of the fascinating things is that you've managed an entire regiment of men reloading and it actually doesn't look bad in that large a number.

tidders said...

An excellent array of arms. I like the artillery.

Allan (Wittenberg)

Fitz-Badger said...

I hate to be redundant, but Wow and Impressive indeed!

Auston said...


MurdocK said...

It is always most impressive to see the collections on display.

I am most impressed by your marines, especially thier own ship!

Great work.

Do you get much opportunity to game with them on the tabletop?

Allen M. said...

The action at Gublatz marks the first time in almost a year that I have actually been able to bring any opponents to the table. Most of the time has been spent fleshing-out the Army. The inclusion of the Herzogen Lynnette in my OOB was partially a fluke. I had wanted my alter-ego, Albrecht, to have a nautical background to be somewhat of a reflection of myself. I was resting up for a day from a minor medical procedure when the missus bought me the model in order to pass the time. After assembling the hull, the model sat on the shelf for several weeks, at least until I was preparing the game. It struck me to include the ship to represent the Lagerburg naval presence. I took the model out to the garage and used a belt sander to plane her down to the waterline. I stepped only the lower masts, and used thread instead of the included plastic shrouds. I imagine that the ship will pop-up now and again during the War of the Slobbovian Annexation (WSA) or later campaigns...

Anonymous said...

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