Monday, December 1, 2008

Another Regiment Joins the Lagerburg Army

December 1st-

The Musketeer Regiment von Beck has completed training and now joins the Stroh regiment in rounding out another brigade in the Army. An artist's rendering of the regiment marching to the Ducal Estate to receive their Colours accomanies this report:


Herzog Ignaz said...

Does this additional unit portend a reaction to the depredations of the dread Driss Dey of Bizercca along the Dalmatian shores of Cavenderia?

Allen M. said...

Actually, this regiment is an experiment in conversion of Revell Austrian grenadiers, replacing the grenadier heads with those from the kneeling posed hatmen from the same set. Eventually I will "reassign" the brigade of "Prussian" kneeling troops to a local protagonist to help him get started in the hobby, while clearing room in my "barracks" for other units in standing poses.

Herzog Ignaz said...

I like and use the Revell Austrians myself; the overabundance of grenadiers is the only vexation I find working with them. I've thought about headswaps, but I have use for the kneeling figures myself, so whatever I do seems to wind up letting figures go to waste.

Still, for the price, it's all right to let a few figures go by the board.

Do you remove the saber scabbards and cartridge boxes as part of the conversion, then?

CWT said...

Th regiment looks very impressive - congratulations!

Bluebear Jeff said...

An impressive unit indeed. Might I ask what rules you are intending to use?

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

The Musketeer Regiment von Beck looks very good!
An interesting and efficient conversion.

Allen M. said...

To Ignaz-
Two points:
One- No I did not remove the "pass pouches" or swords. It was not worth the aggravation, and the end result seems to wortk fine for me.
Two- If the number of grenadiers you have are excessive, I have a large number of standing firing Austrians I'd be willing to trade for those excess grenadiers... hmmm?
For Jeff:
I have been using my amalgam of Young/Grant "7 Beers War" rules listed in the files section; they seem to work very well, and players seem to have no complaints.

Capt Bill said...

Glad to see you posting again! I like your new unit, but it must have been trying lopping off all those heads.

Fitz-Badger said...

Most impressive indeed!

Herzog Ignaz said...

The Hoffaktor Abraham Wei├čenheimer has been dispatched to pursue negotiations for the exchange of grenadier and regular infantry recruits.

Please email the amanuensis of His Grace at paulvanolson-@-hotmail-d0t-com to pursue this transaction.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Very nice. I am in West Virginia. Does your gaming club ever host games, might be worth a drive to game some day. I have not bought plastic figs for SYW they look good might have to pick some up.

Allen M. said...

I am heartened by your interest. However, I must protest that I am but a single individual, who has gamed against/with my sons and a friend or two. I could only wish that there was a local club...