Friday, January 6, 2012

Return from Hiatus / New regiments join the ranks!

Felsenfall- For the first time in many months, the sounds of marching boots echo down the streets of the capital today. Obrist Borsodi's and Obrist Edelweiss's musketeer regiments arrived today to take up barracks to replace the Spanish IR XX (The "Dos Equis") and del Corona regiments, whose contracts to the Duchy have expired. The foreign regiments marched out for Cadiz last week.
Our sketch artist captured the moment of the new regiments' arrival, and his work is appended to this report.

Note: The sharp-eyed observer will note that these Revell Austrian figures were originally grenadiers, but have undergone "head swaps" to convert them into "hatmen", or line infantry, just as has the von Beck regiment. This is an ongoing effort to exchange out units in kneeling or firing poses. This means that the Killian and Guiness regiments will either be renamed or outright replaced in the Duchy's order-of-battle.


Capt Bill said...

Welcome back...

abdul666 said...

*Great* to have you back!

Eye-candy units: Grant's 'The War Game' at its best, and in full colors!

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tidders said...

Nice looking regiments

-- Allan